Fundraising Consulting Services

We work hand in hand with you, your Board and other key volunteers to organize and lead comprehensive capital and endowment campaigns, while nurturing and expanding your organization’s base of annual donors, major gifts supporters and planned giving donors. We work with you to build your organization’s endowment through current and future major gifts support, while securing a strong future your organization’s compelling mission.

Our personalized counsel includes leading you through the vital preliminary campaign planning work to include creating a compelling vision and supporting strategic fundraising plan, conducting a campaign planning study and implementing a successful capital and/or endowment campaign based on the results of your planning study. Throughout this process, we help you fully engage, empower and support your Board and other key volunteers.

We are uniquely talented in the art and science of major gifts fundraising and are well equipped to guide you through the process of securing increased leadership gifts support for your organization. By design, we are a consulting firm that excels in developing close working relationships with our clients. If this personalized, consulting style fits your organizational culture, we welcome the opportunity to learn about you. The following is an overview of Friday Fundraising Consulting Group’s consulting services to non-profit organizations:

Pre-Campaign Planning Direction

We will help you and your volunteer leadership prepare for a successful capital and endowment campaign by leading you through a fundraising readiness assessment, help articulate your current and future capital and endowment funding needs, work with you to identify, nurture and lead a Campaign Planning Committee, create a compelling case for support, conduct a campaign planning study, develop a campaign plan and mentor key staff and volunteers in the art and science of soliciting major gifts support.

Capital Campaign Planning Studies

When preparing for a major capital or endowment campaign, it is essential to receive feedback from your non-profit’s key constituent groups about the potential for securing major gifts support. A campaign planning study will determine the campaign’s “Core” leadership gifting potential, identify and engage potential campaign volunteer leaders and test the strength of your non-profit organization’s case for support, while engaging key major donors.

Capital & Endowment Campaign Direction

We work with you to ensure the key elements for campaign success are in place. These include creating a detailed campaign fundraising and marketing plan, recruiting, organizing and leading campaign staff and volunteers, providing major gifts solicitation training, developing unique strategies for securing major gifts support, developing campaign proposals, negotiating and closing major gifts as needed and successfully implementing the leadership gifts and regional solicitation phases of your non-profit organization’s campaign.

Annual Fund & Major Gifts Program Development

Over two decades, we have created a unique, successful multi-step approach to help your organization maximize revenue from your annual giving and major gifts program. This includes helping you discover and qualify annual fund and major gifts prospects, create and implement plans for potential donors increased involvement with your organization, training and supporting you in soliciting increased annual fund and major gifts support, helping negotiate and close gifts and helping you nurture effective, lasting donor relationships. These proven steps will increase your organization’s annual fund and major gifts revenue from new and existing donors.

Planned Giving & Endowment Development Consulting

We will work with you to create a successful planned giving program and to increase results from an existing planned giving program by developing a compelling case for your organization’s endowment needs, creating and implementing a planned giving marketing awareness strategy, developing effective planned giving marketing materials, developing ways to acknowledge and effectively nurture planned giving donors, providing training in soliciting planned gifts and offering planned giving educational awareness seminars and programs to interested groups.

Development Program Audits & Assessments

We will evaluate your organization’s administrative and volunteer structure to maximize fundraising readiness, identifying systems, staff and volunteer leadership challenges and opportunities. We work with you to create practical solutions for addressing these challenges. We will create and help implement a plan for strengthening your organization’s advancement staff, volunteer leadership and administrative infrastructure for maximum fundraising success and effectiveness.

Board, Staff & Volunteer Fundraising & Leadership Training

We provide specialized training to help your Board, key volunteers and staff understand and embrace their roles in strategic planning and fundraising. We empower your volunteers and staff in identifying, engaging and effectively asking for increased levels of annual and major gifts support. We also empower your staff and volunteers to more effectively manage donor relationships.

Organizational Strategic Planning

We use a multi-faceted approach to lead you and members of your organization’s key staff and volunteer leadership through the process of developing a compelling organizational vision and supporting mission, goals, objectives and action plans. The most compelling and effective fundraising initiatives result from the most compelling organizational strategic plans.